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Welcome to my site!

My name is Alexander Nanitchkov and I have been painting for almost two decades though I started doing it professionally in the last five years.

I favored acrylic paints on canvas but in the last five years, I am steadily turning towards the digital medium. I like exploring conceptual environments and character design, with an emphasis on composition, mood and atmosphere.

I am attracted by the truth in art and the fact that truth is not a choice of context. It is the whole truth and not a stylized version, trading reality for an elaborate but shallow way of saying too little. That or the shiny and polished, idealized version of the truth waxed to the point it starts dripping. I shy from such obscuring silization, avoid polish, strive to find realism even where it is non existent  and always tend to leave bit of a smudged (un)finish with an original focal point.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

  • Projects / Clients / Freelance

Paizo Publishing, LLC – concept artist

Dream Reactor – illustrator, art director

Age Past – rpg tabletop game – design and illustration

the Origin Saga – Undead wars, 02 Games Inc. Aethersteel

Feytouched studios – Warsong chronicles and Sgtt

PKXL – PK cards, Wildfire LLC – Cthulhu Tech; Sun Touch ltd – Dromor

Mad Head  Games ( big fish games )

EverdreamSoft – Moonga – illustrator

Murka – illustrator; Leap of Faith

Various other commission and book covers

  • Inspiration:

Here is a list of Great Artists that never fail to inspire me, in random order:

William Bouguereau, James J.J. Tissot, Jean-Leon Gerome, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Thomas Moran,
John Singer Sargent, Rembrantd, Edgar Degah, Brom, Justin Sweet, Vance Kovacs , Michael Parkes, Daarken ,
Jaime Jones, Craig Mullins, Kekai Kotaki, Daniel Dociu, Bjorn Hurry, Brad Rigney, Dave Rapoza, Viktor Titov
Steve Argyle, Michael Komarck, Todd Lockwood, Alphonse Maria Mucha, Zhaoming Wu, Arash Radkia,
Andrew Gonzalez, Christopher Rahn, Michael C Hayes, Donato Giancola, Slawomir Maniak, Aleksi Briscot,
Adrian Smith, Dan Dos Santos,  Maciej Kuciara, Jean Sebastien Rossbach, Levi Hopkins, Miles Johnston
Keun Chul Jang,  Igor Kieryluk, Danny LuVisi, Daryl Mandryk, Howard Lyon, Jesper Ejsing, John Stanko,
Jon Foster, Sergey Marshennikov, Ilya Repin, Edwin Lord Weeks, Raymond Swanland, Karla Ortiz
Eric Deschamps, Fenghua Zhong, Min Yum, James Ryman, Alex Negrea, Sergey Kolesov, Herman Ng
Ioan Dumitrescu, David Palumbo, Jeremy Mann, John Howe, Alexandr Pascenko, Jia Lu, Laurel Austin
Jae Cheol Park, Ian McQue, Yang Qi, Johannes Voss, Tyler Jacobson, Yun Ling, Mark Tennant, Keita Morimoto,
Theo Prins, Steve Huston, Ross Tran, Guangjian Huang, Kim Jung Gi, Jonas De Ro, Joseph Cross,
Victor Mosquera, Houston Sharp, Sean Sevaste,  Michael Kus, Gino,  Aaron Miller, Armand Baltazar,
Jama Jurabaev, Alon Chou, David Seguin, Arnaud Pheu, Jeremy Lipking, Eytan Zana, Mike Azevedo,
Michel Kus, Saskia Gutekunst, Mateja Petkovic, Marek Okon, Simon Stalenhag, Cynthia Sheppard, and more

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All artworks Copyright: © Alexander Nanitchkov ( Inca, Artofinca ), unless otherwise stated.